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Hello! Thank you for your visit to our website, they call me Abuu - I am the Chief Guide at Uhuru Smiles, we are a team of professional guides with over 10 years of guiding experience on Mount Kilimanjaro. We are 100% local company based in Moshi town Tanzania. Booking your tour direct with us means all your money goes towards supporting the local economy of Kilimanjaro region.

Our Kilimanjaro expedition prices are inclusive of 2 nights lodging at Panama Hotel in Moshi town, 2 airport transfers are also included! With us you can either book a private trek or choose to join a group from our 2020 scheduled group departures.

Also 2 days camping safari at US$400/Person is available, longer safari tours up to 12 days and Zanzibar beach holidays can be arranged as well, or get them combined along with your Kilimanjaro trek with us.

And if you do not have enough time to read all of the information on our website, then no problem, just contact us today along with all your questions/tour requirements and we will get back to you within the soonest possible.


The Riverside Shuttle Bus, if you arrive via Nairobi Airport in Kenya

(Nairobi - Nairobi Airport - Arusha - Moshi Kilimanjaro)

The Riverside Shuttle bus service includes a pick up or drop off at any of the central hotels in Arusha, Nairobi or Moshi. It is also possible to be picked up or dropped off at Jomo Kenyatta Airport (Nairobi Airport).

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Marangu Route

If trekking at high altitude is a new experience for you and you’re not too keen on the ‘camping’ aspects of the trek, then the Marangu may be the route for you. This is the shortest route and sleeps in 4 bed communal huts giving you the comfort of sleeping on a mattress each night. A good night sleep and a little extra warmth can all help in preparing you for the day ahead!

>5 Days Marangu Route For US$1195/Person

or >6 days Marangu Route For US$1395/Person
or >7 days Marangu Route For US$1595/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Machame Route

If joining up with others to trek as a group is high in your priorities then the Machame should be one of your top choices. This is a popular route, with a good success rate and the preferred route of many of our solo travellers.

>6 Days Machame Route For US$1395/Person
or >7 Days Machame Route For US$1595/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Lemosho Route

For those where time is not a major factor the Lemosho route is an excellent choice! This is the longest route on the mountain and offers diverse scenery along the way – arguably the most beautiful route on the mountain. Those extra days on the mountain gives this route one of the best success rates for reaching the summit.  A  great choice for the photographers among you!

>6 Days Lemosho Route For US$1495/Person
or >7 Days Lemosho Route For US$1695/Person

or >8 Days Lemosho Route For US$1895/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Rongai Route

If you prefer to get ‘away from the crowds’ then the Rongai is possibly the best option for you. Less used than the ‘Coca-Cola’ (Marangu) or the ‘Whiskey’ (Machame) routes, this trek begins from the north side of Kilimanjaro and takes quite a gentle approach at the start. Also a good option if you are considering an ‘out of season’ trek as the north side of the mountain sees less rain! It is highly recommended, especially for those with less backpacking experience.

or >6 Days Rongai Route For US$1495/Person
or >7 days Rongai Route For US$1695/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Shira Route

The route over the Shira Plateau has several possible variations. The Shira route, approaches Kilimanjaro's summit from the west and crosses the caldera of Shira Volcano before heading beneath the southern ice fields of Kibo. The route is seldom used by other trekkers and so your initial two days on the mountain are less crowded than on most other routes.

>6 Days Shira Route For US$1495/Person
or >7
Days Shira Route For US$1695/Person
or >8 Days Shira Route For US$1895/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Umbwe Route

Prefer a more challenging approach to the summit? Then this is the route for you! This is one that we recommend for the experienced climbers, as its reputation is not unjustified – this is a demanding route and very steep in places, however the rewards are definitely worth it as this route will show you some of the most stunning scenery on the mountain

Kindly note, this route is not used much. The Umbwe route is only suitable for people with mountain climbing experience.

>6 Days Umbwe Route For US$1495/Person

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit is the newest and longest route on Mount Kilimanjaro. It begins in the West at the Londorossi Gate and follows the same path as the Lemosho route for the first two days. After crossing the Shira plateau the path veers north near Lava Tower, following the longer Northern Circuit instead of the more popular Southern Circuit via Barranco Valley The route circles around the quieter northern slopes to the east side of the mountain. The Northern Circuit is longer than the other trails on Kilimanjaro, taking a minimum of eight or nine days to complete.

The eight day trek skips the additional acclimatization day that is usually spent at Shira Camp 2 and continues straight on to Moir Camp.

>8 Days Northern Circuit Route For US$1995/Person
or >9 Days Northern Circuit Route For US$2195/Person

All Kilimanjaro Gear Can Be Hired in Moshi Town Tanzania

Prices are for the Entire Trek, in USD or TZS equivalent
-- Rucksack $10
-- Balacava $5
-- Sleeping bag $15
-- Sleeping bag (-25°C) $35
-- Socks $3
-- Duffel bag $5
-- 2 walking poles (ski sticks) $10
-- Gaiters $7
-- Torch $7
-- Gloves $5
-- Thick sweater $4
-- Long underwear $3
-- Rain coat (shower proof) $5
-- Rain coat (waterproof) $10
-- Waterproof trousers $10
-- Fleece trousers $10
-- Hiking boots $8
-- Water bottle $4
-- Warm jacket (Goretex) $10
-- Warm jacket (down) $7
-- Hat or neck scarf $5

Are Trekking Poles Important on Kilimanjaro?

Trekking poles provide tremendous help when hiking Kilimanjaro.  We recommend that our clients bring or rent trekking poles for their climb.

The poles provide an additional contact point to the ground which increases your stability, especially when going downhill in rough conditions.  In addition, they transfer some of your hiking weight to your arms.  This lets your arms, shoulders and back help out your legs during those long hikes and reduces fatigue in your legs.